A developer has announced plans for major development in Ascot between Station Hill and the Clock House on the High Street. 

This could result in as many as 140 homes in this constrained area (particularly with many valuable trees) comprising 100 flats above shops / offices in four storey buildings, with the rest being terraces and town houses. Detail is awaited on where shoppers / businesses as well as residents would park, a recurring concern for years from residents, as well as community facilities.

These sketchy plans were unveiled this week ahead of a consultation where the developer is asking for responses by Tuesday, 10th May. In the recently adopted Local Plan, Ascot Centre is a site allocation which is for “a mixed-use development providing approximately 300 residential units, 900 sq. m (net additional) of offices, public open space, a community building (including cultural / leisure) and retail / cafes / restaurants”.  This however is for the WHOLE of Ascot Centre, north AND south of the High Street. The south also comprises the land to the east of the Clock House and Hermitage Parade to St George’s Lane.  

Ascot additionally is faced with Shorts having permission for 130 dwellings and Heatherwood with 230, which is quite aside from Sunningdale Park with 300 homes. 

These proposals for Ascot Centre do require proper scrutiny with an acceptable consultation period in assessing their impact on Ascot, as well as compliance with planning policy, including the Neighbourhood Plan.   

For such an important proposal that would have an impact on Ascot for many generations, this timescale is woefully inadequate. 

London Square, the developer, has provide details here about the consultation - http://southofhighstreetascot.co.uk